Break & Seat
Break & Seat with MHB


Break & Seat: Owensboro Bypass, from USH 60 to Sutherland Road

This project located at Owensboro, Kentucky, included 16 lane miles of concrete pavement break & seat and asphalt overlay. Antigo utilized one of its MHB Badger Breakers® and averaged 1.3 lane miles per day completing the breaking in 12 work days. Antigo also performed 54,000 square yards of breaking concrete for removal in full-depth reconstruction areas.

The Kentucky break & seat specification required inducing full-depth cracks with no more than 20 percent of the broken fragments larger than 24” and no fragments larger than 30”. The specification required that the extent of breaking be visible without the aid of water.
This project was bid with alternate pavement types. The concrete pavement option, which did not include break & seat, was a 9” thick jointed plain concrete pavement. The break & seat and asphalt overlay option was the low-cost bid even though $570,000 was added to account for predicted higher life cycle costs.

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Project Details


Owensboro Bypass, from USH 60 to Sutherland Road, Daviess County, Kentucky, USA


Break & seat 111,061 square yards

Existing Pavement

9” thick jointed reinforced concrete pavement (JRCP)

New Pavement

10” thick asphalt overlay


Break & seat completed in 12 work days during May and August, 2015


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, PCN 14-1067


Yager Materials, LLC, Owensboro, Kentucky