Capabilities and Production Rates

8600 / T8600 Badger Breaker®

  1. Production rates up to 3,000 sq. yds. (2,500 m2) per hour per breaker on typical 9-inch (230 mm) thick crack and seat projects.
  2. Production rates of up to 1,000 sq. yds. (835 m2) per hour per breaker when breaking 10- to 12-inch (250 mm-300 mm) thick pavement, either plain or mesh-reinforced, into 24-inch (600 mm) minus pieces.
  3. Production rate of 400 sq. yds. (350 m2) per hour per breaker when pulverizing 10-inch (250 mm) thick continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) to the point where the rebar is completely free of the pavement and ready to be
    lifted out prior to pavement removal.
  4. Break concrete pavement as much as 36-inches (900 mm) thick.
  5. Successfully crack or break concrete pavement through asphalt overlays up to 12-inches (300 mm) thick.
  6. Crack asphalt pavement or asphalt over concrete for easier ripping, smaller pieces and more efficient removal.

MHB / MHBT Badger Breaker®

  1. Rubblize 8- to 10-inch (200 mm to 250 mm) thick pavement up to 13-feet (4.0 m) wide per pass for an average of 1 lane mile (1.5 kms) per MHB 10-hour shift.
  2. Rubblize 14-inch (350 mm) thick pavement as above at the rate of 1 lane mile (1.5 kms) per MHB per 12-hour shift.
  3. Selectively break pavement sections without damaging adjoining sections which are to remain.
  4. Break close to structures and over underground utilities due to low vibration level of lightweight hammers.
  5. Production rates of 2 to 3 (3.0 to 5.0 kms) lane miles per MHB per shift when breaking to 24-inch (600 mm) minus removal specification.
  6. Crack, break, or rubblize concrete pavement over cement treated base (CTB) without damaging the CTB.