Antigo Construction, Inc.

North America

Antigo Construction is located in Antigo, Wisconsin, and is the company headquarters for the North American and international business operations. Antigo entered the pavement rehabilitation business in 1982 when it imported from Germany the first of six guillotine-style concrete pavement breakers. In 1988 Antigo began operating the 8600 Badger Breaker® and in 1995 introduced the MHB Badger Breaker® to respond to the growing demand for more efficient and effective concrete breaking technology. Today Antigo is the worldwide leader in concrete pavement rehabilitation: concrete rubblization – 49 million square yards (41m m2), crack/break and seat – 87 million square yards (73m m2), break for removal – 131 million square yards (109m m2). Antigo has the equipment, people and experience to get the job done right.

Contact Information:

Address: Antigo Construction, Inc. (Corporate Office)
2520 Clermont St
Antigo, Wisconsin 54409

Antigo Construction, Inc. (Western Division)
1973 Commerce Ave
Boise, Idaho 83705
Phone: Corporate Office +1 715-627-2222
Western Division +1 208-345-1790
Fax: Corporate Office +1 715-623-7073
Western Division +1 208-342-0173
Email: ac/at/