Rubblization - 5608 CH 4 (Monticello Rd), from Monticello city limits to the Champaign County Line, Piatt County, Illinois, USA

Rubblization: County Highway 4 (Monticello Road), east of Monticello

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Crack & Seat - 5591 I-90, w/o Spearfish, from WY border to w/o USH 85, Lawrence County, South Dakota, USA

Crack & Seat: I-90, w/o Spearfish

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Break & Seat - 5340 Owensboro Bypass, from USH 60 to Sutherland Road, Daviess County, Kentucky, USA

Break & Seat: Owensboro Bypass, from USH 60 to Sutherland Road

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Break for Removal - 5652 Runway 4L/22R & Associated Taxiways, Detroit Metro Airport, Wayne County, Michigan, USA

Break for Removal: Detroit Metro Airport

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Breaker Specifications

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Antigo is a full-service concrete pavement breaking specialist equipped to provide concrete pavement rubblization, crack/break & seat, and break for removal services throughout the United States and internationally.

Antigo operates Badger Breakers® which are manufactured by Badger State Highway Equipment, Inc.

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"Antigo was able to start work on time and keep the promised durations while working safely and efficiently for the entire project. We look forward to doing more work in the future with Antigo and thank you for a job well done."

Brian Amling, Project Manager, Northern Illinois Service Co.

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Route 65: The Rebuild, Springfield, MO

Millstone Webber and MoDOT presentation on fast track reconstruction project.

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California Interstate Crack & Seat Concrete Pavement with Asphalt Overlay Projects

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