Break & Seat with T8600

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Thoroughbreds, Thorough Work – Crews Execute Extensive Asphalt-paving Work on Hwy. 60 in Kentucky

Description of a break & seat and asphalt overlay project that included alternative pavement bid process.

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Breaking & Seating Concrete Pavement in Kentucky, 1995 to 2013

List of projects

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Kentucky’s experience with rehabilitating PCC pavements with asphalt overlays

Article on break & seat and asphalt overlay in Kentucky.

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Breaking and Seating of Rigid Pavements

Breaking and seating has been utilized extensively in Kentucky to rehabilitate portland cement concrete pavements. Experience over three or four years with this type of design and construction are summarized and reported.

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Breaking and Seating of Concrete Pavements: Kentucky's Experience

This survey includes a detailed visual survey and falling weight deflectometer testing to determine the in situ condition of the pavement structure.

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