2-Lane Highways


Rubblization: County Highway 4 (Monticello Road), east of Monticello

This rubblization and asphalt overlay project located east of Monticello, Illinois, was the first time Antigo, and likely anyone, rubblized a concrete whitetopping pavement. Antigo rubblized 10 lane miles in 4 work days with for an average daily production of 2.5 lane miles.

The 3” thick asphalt base had been whitetopped with 5” of concrete in 2000. The original project scope included adding 4-foot safety shoulders and improving drainage. Due to the distresses in the concrete pavement, the owner decided to evaluate four replacement options: 1) remove the concrete and place 7.75” of asphalt, 2) remove the concrete and the asphalt and place 7.25” of concrete, 3) remove the concrete and place 9” of concrete, and 4) rubblize the concrete and place 5” of asphalt. The rubblization option provided the advantages of lower construction costs and significantly less construction time.

This project is an example of the many ways Antigo and its fleet of concrete breakers can assist owners in meeting their unique project needs. 


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Project Details


CH 4 (Monticello Rd), from Monticello city limits to the Champaign County Line, Piatt County, Illinois, USA


Rubblized 62,204 square yards

Existing Pavement

5” thick jointed plain concrete pavement (JPCP) over 3” thick asphalt base

New Pavement

5” thick asphalt overlay


Rubblization completed in 4 work days in September, 2016


Piatt County, Illinois


Open Road Paving Company, LLC, Champaign, Illinois