Piatt County, Illinois, USA

CH 4 (Monticello Road), east of Monticello, IL

Rubblized 62,204 square yards of concrete pavement on CH 4 with an MHB Badger Breaker®. The existing pavement was a 5″ thick concrete whitetopping on 3″ thick asphalt. This was the first rubblization and asphalt overlay of a whitetopping pavement.

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Project Details


CH 4 (Monticello Rd), from Monticello city limits to the Champaign County Line, Piatt County, Illinois, USA

Existing Pavement

5" thick JPCP over 3" thick asphalt

New Pavement

5" thick asphalt overlay


Rubblization completed in 4 work days in September, 2016