Concrete Overlay

This set of photos presents rubblization with concrete overlays. Although rubblized concrete is almost always overlaid with asphalt, Antigo has completed several highway projects, and more commonly airport projects, where the overlay was constructed with concrete pavement. An interlayer of crushed stone is usually placed on the rubblized concrete for crown correction and to provide a very uniform surface that can be trimmed prior to the concrete paving operation.

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Highway Rubblization Projects with Concrete Overlays by State, 1999 - 2015

List of projects

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Inbound and Outbound Pena Boulevard Reconstruction

Denver International Airport (DIA) presentation on rubblization and concrete overlay.

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Rubblized Concrete: Good Support for Concrete Overlays

This research sought to verify that PCC over rubblized concrete pavement is a strong, durable option for overlays of aging concrete roadways.

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