Milwaukee St, Plymouth, WI, Modified Rubblization with MHBT

Rubblization of 8″ thick, mesh-reinforced, concrete pavement in preparation for an asphalt overlay on Milwaukee Street in Plymouth, WI, performed by Antigo Construction using a truck-mounted MHBT Badger Breaker®, Z-pattern grid roller, pneumatic tire roller and smooth drum roller in 2014. “Modified rubblization – occasional spalling” was performed due to lower subgrade support. The operator varied the number of hammers used and the travel speed of the MHBT to match changing conditions. The concrete was milled 2.5 inches deep at the curb flange to 0 over 8 feet to allow the 2.5 inch asphalt binder course to butt up to the curb flange and only the 1.75” surface course to cover the gutter.