Break & Seat: SR 739, Raymond, OH

This project located in Union County, Ohio, included 83,000 square yards of concrete pavement break & seat and asphalt overlay.  The south end of the project is adjacent to the Honda Marysville Auto Plant.  The project phasing included the full closure of sections for break & seat and asphalt overly.  There were six break & seat sections requiring Antigo to mobilize one of its truck-mounted multi-head breakers (MHBT Badger Breaker®) to the site six times in close coordination with the contractor to meet a tight schedule.

The Ohio Department of Transportation project special provision for “breaking & seating existing concrete pavement” required that the existing pavement was reduced to particles 1) not exceeding 30 inches in the largest dimension, 2) the majority less than 18 inches in size, and 3) no more than 20 percent being greater than 24 inches in size based on visual inspection of the surface without the aid of water.  Seating was performed with a 50-ton proof roller.

The SR 739 project is an excellent example of Antigo’s ability to partner with owners and contractors to safely build cost-effective, long-lasting pavements while minimizing construction time and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Project Details


SR 739, se/o Raymond, Union County, Ohio, USA


Break & seat 83,000 square yards

Existing Pavement

9" thick jointed reinforced concrete pavement (JRCP)

New Pavement

6.75" thick asphalt overlay


6 phases May through August, 2020


Ohio Department of Transportation, Project 200150, PID# 109069


The Shelly Company, Thornville, Ohio