Cumberland County, Illinois, USA

I-70, east of Greenup, IL

This rubblization and asphalt overlay project located east of Greenup, Illinois, is one of 28 Interstate Highway rubblization projects Antigo has completed in Illinois from 1996 through 2014. During that time period Antigo has completed 3.5 million square yards of rubblization on Interstate Highways in Illinois. This 2013 project was similar to most of the other projects in that an existing asphalt overlay was first removed from the median lane while traffic was maintained in the adjacent lane. As rubblization progressed in the median lane the asphalt overlay was paved soon thereafter. Once the median lane was completed in both directions, traffic was switched to those lanes and then asphalt milling, rubblization and asphalt overlay paving proceeded quickly on the outside lanes. Antigo rubblized 20 lane miles in 13 work days with one MHB Badger Breaker® for an average daily production of 1.5 lane miles.

A unique and interesting aspect of this project is that 3 miles of the westbound lanes had been rubblized and overlaid with asphalt in 1997. 16 years later the asphalt was performing well with no indication of reflective cracking. 0.5″ of the asphalt surface was removed and 3.5″ of new asphalt was placed including the same 2″ SMA surface course placed on the remainder of the project. The 1997 asphalt overlay would have performed well for several more years but Illinois DOT chose to take advantage of this project to further improve this pavement section and maintain consistency with the adjacent pavement section. It is an excellent example of an asphalt overlay over rubblized concrete performing as a perpetual pavement where mill and fill is utilized over time to maintain the asphalt surface.

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Project Details


I-70, from 1.8 miles east of IL Rt 130 to the Clark County Line, Cumberland County, Illinois, USA

Existing Pavement

8" thick continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP)

New Pavement

17.5" thick asphalt overlay


Median lanes completed in 6 work days in June, 2013, and outside lanes completed in 7 work days in August, 2013