Dane/Iowa/Sauk/Richland/Vernon Counties, Wisconsin, USA

USH 14, Mazomanie to Coon Valley

Antigo has rubblized 55 miles of 2-lane highway since 1998 in western Wisconsin. The projects were all built the same: mill the asphalt and windrow on the shoulder, rubblize the pavement, and then grade the millings back over the pavement to form a new base for an asphalt overlay. All of this was performed under flagging operations keeping one lane open to traffic at all times.

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Project Details


USH 14, Mazomanie to Coon Valley, Dane/Iowa/Sauk/Richland/Vernon Counties, Wisconsin, USA, Wisconsin, USA

Existing Pavement

7"-9" thick JPCP and JRCP

New Pavement

3"-5.5" thick asphalt overlay on 2.5"-6" asphalt millings