Break & Seat with T8600

This set of photos presents break & seat and asphalt overlay performed with a guillotine-style T8600 Badger Breaker®. Note the range of fracture energy employed and the resulting range of surface spalling. The fracture energy is determined by the engineer-in-charge on a project-by-project basis. This fractured slab technique has recently been applied most often by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

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Thoroughbreds, Thorough Work – Crews Execute Extensive Asphalt-paving Work on Hwy. 60 in Kentucky

Description of a break & seat and asphalt overlay project that included alternative pavement bid process.

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Breaking & Seating Concrete Pavement in Kentucky, 1995 to 2013

List of projects

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Kentucky’s experience with rehabilitating PCC pavements with asphalt overlays

Article on break & seat and asphalt overlay in Kentucky.

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Breaking and Seating of Concrete Pavements: Kentucky's Experience

This survey includes a detailed visual survey and falling weight deflectometer testing to determine the in situ condition of the pavement structure.

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