Nestle Distribution Center Testimonial

Antigo Construction’s work on the Nestle Distribution project in Dekalb, IL was greatly
appreciated. The project, which consisted of removal and replacement of over 90,000
square yards of concrete drive / trailer parking pavement staged over 19 phases while
keeping the facility operational, was a success due in part to the performance of Antigo.
The nature of the staged project dictated that each work component be scheduled in
advance and durations strictly adhered to in order to deliver areas to the Owner on time
and keep each stage and therefore the overall project moving. Furthermore,
communication with the Owner and attention to safety was at utmost importance while
working in a busy facility with hundreds of semi-trucks entering, docking, and leaving the
busy distribution center while work was taking place. Antigo was able to start work on
time and keep the promised durations while working safely and efficiently for the entire
project. We look forward to doing more work in the future with Antigo and thank you for
a job well done.

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Brian Amling, Project Manager, Northern Illinois Service Co.