Heathrow Airport Testimonial

Use of Antigo Breakers Ltd. as BAA’s preferred supplier.


 BAA recently launched research and development project investigating the use of Crack & Seat on airfield pavements at Heathrow. This project involved trial crack and seat areas, that were then monitored under live aircraft loadings. The successful completion of this research and development has now led to the commencement of substantial reconstruction using Crack & Seat techniques on the Southern Taxiways at Heathrow. The first phase of this reconstruction commenced in May 2004.


As part of the research and development project the team investigated who would be best placed to offer the level of crack control required to produce accurate and meaningful results from the trials.
Antigo Breakers Ltd were selected due to their experience both in the UK and USA, and also the quality of their plant.


Antigo Breakers Ltd during both the research & development project and also the first phase of the Crack & Seat reconstruction project has offered an excellent level of service. Their proactive approach, level of control and quality is excellent.


BAA operates in an extremely demanding & often frustrating security environment, Antigo have coped well with this and have been proactive in ensuring they are able to work, when other lesser suppliers might have failed.


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Matt Palmer, Senior Project Leader, Pavement & Infrastructure Team (BAA), Heathrow Airport