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Crack & Seat Airport Pavements – Project Examples

Pictorial examples of Antigo’s process of cracking & seating airport pavements prior to asphalt overlay.

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Cracking & Seating Concrete Pavement at Airports, 1984 to 2020

List of projects

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The use of crack and seat treatment in refurbishment of airfield pavements

The overall purpose of the guide is to provide enough information to enable those engineers not familiar with crack and seat technology to be able to conduct effective maintenance of concrete pavements at airfields.

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Performance of Techniques to Minimize Reflection Cracking and Associated Developments in Pavement Investigation for Maintenance of UK Military Airfield

Crack & seat technique performed well in UK airfield trials.

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Cracking & Seating Airport Pavements in the UK

Overview of the process prepared by Antigo Construction.

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Reflection cracking on airfield pavements – a design guide for assessment, treatment selection and future minimization

This guide has been prepared for Defence Estates (UK) to provide guidance on the identification, categorization and treatment of reflection cracking in airfield pavement structures.

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"Antigo Breakers Ltd during both the research & development project and also the first phase of the Crack & Seat reconstruction project has offered an excellent level of service. Their proactive approach, level of control and quality is excellent."

Matt Palmer, Senior Project Leader, Pavement & Infrastructure Team (BAA), Heathrow Airport

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