Modified Rubblization

This set of photos presents modified rubblization. When rubblizing over subgrade/base providing only fair to poor support it is often counterproductive to try to achieve small particle sizes because the resulting rubblized concrete layer would not provide adequate structural support for the overlay. Experience has shown that a modified rubblization pattern that employs less fracture energy in order to produce a somewhat stiffer rubblized concrete layer (larger particle sizes) will maintain enough of the concrete layer’s strength to support construction operations and the new asphalt overlay while still eliminating reflective cracking.

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Modfied Rubblization - Ohio Asphalt Magazine Winter 2015

Article describing use of modified rubblization and asphalt overlay on city streets in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

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Modified Rubblization Specification

Construction specification prepared by Antigo Construction.

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Types of Fractured Slab Techniques with MHB

Antigo uses the following descriptions to describe the range of fractured slab techniques performed with the MHB Badger Breaker® (MHB).

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Survival Analysis for Composite Pavement Performance in Iowa

This study investigates the performance of composite pavements composed of a flexible layer over a rigid base. Four composite pavement rehabilitation methods are involved in the research: mill and fill, structural overlay, rubblization and heater ...

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