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Perpetual Pavement: Award-Winning Design

Piatt County (IL) won a prestigious Perpetual Pavement Award (PPA) — only the second U.S. local public agency road project to ever receive such recognition. The project was the first rubblization and asphalt overlay of a whitetopping pavement.

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Rubblization and Asphalt Overlay of a 2-Lane Highway Constructed under Traffic

Pictorial description of Antigo’s process of rubblizing a 2-lane concrete highway prior to asphalt overlay constructed under traffic.

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Non-Destructive Modulus Testing and Performance Evaluation for Asphalt Pavement Reflective Cracking Mitigation Treatments

Four treatments were evaluated to determine their effectiveness in mitigating reflective cracking via non-destructive FWD tests and Surface Wave Method tests to measure layer modulus, along with field pavement performance surveys.

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Monticello Road Whitetopping Rubblization

Presentation by Eric Seibring, Piatt County Engineer, on the first rubblization and asphalt overlay of a whitetopping pavement.

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Repair of the Surface of Concrete by Crushing Hammer (Rubblizing)

Article on rubblization in Poland from the technical journal DROGOWNICTWO (Highway Engineering).

- Content in Polish language.

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Performance Contracting for Construction on the M-115 in Clare County, MI

This report documents the Michigan Department of Transportation's (MDOT) HfL demonstration project, which involved performance contracting for construction (PCfC) on M-115, a two-lane rural highway in Clare County, MI.

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"We found Antigo Construction employees to be well qualified, dedicated, and hardworking. Antigo Construction provided the appropriate type of machinery to perform the job in an efficient and effective manner. The equipment was reliable and well maintained which is backed up by the minimal downtime that occurred on the job."

Greg Schnell, Transportation Director, Sheboygan County (Wisconsin)

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Structural Characterization of Iowa’s Rubblized PCC Pavements

This paper describes a field study undertaken to investigate the performance of rubblized pavements in Iowa, which includes characterization of the rubblized Portland cement concrete (PCC) layer (layer coefficient and modulus) using a neural networks-based layer moduli backcalculation program. The average rubblized PCC layer coefficient and backcalculated modulus of the rubblized layer in Iowa were found to be 0.19 and 539 MPa (78 ksi), respectively.

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