Modified Rubblization

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Modfied Rubblization - Ohio Asphalt Magazine Winter 2015

Article describing use of modified rubblization and asphalt overlay on city streets in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

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Modified Rubblization Specification

Construction specification prepared by Antigo Construction.

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Types of Fractured Slab Techniques with MHB

Antigo uses the following descriptions to describe the range of fractured slab techniques performed with the MHB Badger Breaker® (MHB).

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Survival Analysis for Composite Pavement Performance in Iowa

This study investigates the performance of composite pavements composed of a flexible layer over a rigid base. Four composite pavement rehabilitation methods are involved in the research: mill and fill, structural overlay, rubblization and heater ...

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"The inspectors and I were very satisfied with their coordination, methods and equipment used, and their quality of work. All projects are performing very well."

Randall J. Will, P.E. & P.L.S., Webster County (Iowa) Engineer

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Discussion of "Full Rubblization" & "Modified Rubblization"


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